Northern Plains Biostress Building, Room 103, 1390 College Avenue, Brookings, SD 57007

February 19, 2021

8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Venue Details

8 Credit Hours

This year’s West River Veterinary Medical Association meeting and the James Bailey Herd Health Conference will be held virtually.

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The cost is $100 for SDVMA members and $150 for non members. Once your payment processes, we’ll share a link where you can attend the conference virtually.


8:00 am Russ Daly Introduction

8:10 am Chris Chase, SDSU – What should we expect immunologically from today’s beef cattle vaccines?

9:10 am George Perry, Texas A&M – Vaccinating for Reproductive Success: Current research on how vaccines may impact cow fertility

10:10 am Manuel Chamarro, Auburn – Vaccinating pregnant cows to optimize passive immunity in the baby beef calf

11:10 am Amelia Woolums, Mississippi State – Achieving active immunity in the young beef calf

12:10 pm Lunch Break – Updates from SDSU

1:00 pm Dustin Loy, Nebraska – Pinkeye Pathogen diversity and potential impacts on vaccination strategies

2:00 pm Jose Perez Casal, VIDO-Intervac – Mycoplasma bovis pathogenesis and immunity – vaccine implications

3:00 pm Brian Vander Ley, Nebraska – Current concepts in pre-weaning and feedlot vaccination programs

4:00 pm Chris Chase, SDSU – The future of beef cattle vaccines: Technology and Regulations

5:00 pm Adjourn