Best Western Ramkota Hotel<br /> 3200 W Maple St<br /> Sioux Falls, SD 57107

August 15 – 18, 2021

Best Western Ramkota Hotel & Conference Center
Sioux Falls, SD

18.5 Credit Hours

For room reservations call 605-336-0650 by July 15th and mention SDVMA for convention rates of $103.99 + tax.


Register online by August 9th to take advantage of early-registration discounts. Please note, online registrations require payment by PayPal or credit card. To pay by check, download our registration form and mail it in. Registration will also be accepted at the event.

Sunday, August 15

1:00 – 5:30 p.m.

Veterinarians interested in becoming South Dakota Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Trainers should attend this certification course. Becoming a SD BQA Trainer allows you to conduct producer BQA Certification trainings in-person and provides you valuable resources on all things BQA for beef and dairy cattle. Additional information on the National Dairy FARM Animal Care Program, BQA on-farm assessment tools, and the U.S. Cattle Industry Feedyard Audit tool will be covered to fully equip veterinarians and SD BQA Trainers to assist producers to meet program expectations.

South Dakota BQA Trainer certification is good for 3 years and Trainers must recertify. NOTE for CURRENT TRAINERS: all current SD BQA Trainer certifications will expire 12/31/2021. Please recertify if you plan to continue offering in-person trainings.

Cost is $25 per person. Veterinarians interested in potentially attending the training but not certifying should contact Heidi Carroll. Some seats may be available for those that wish to audit the training depending on room size.

Registration at

Contact for more information: Heidi Carroll, Extension Livestock Stewardship Field Specialist & BQA Coordinator, or 605-688-6623

6:00 p.m.
Welcome Social

Large Animal Program

Monday, August 16

8:009:30            Optimizing Gut Health – Dr. Frank Andrews, Louisiana State University

9:30-10:00          Break—Visit the Exhibits

10:0012:00        Dr. Frank Andrews, continued

12:00 noon         Lunch

1:002:45            Bovine Lameness from the Ground Up; Bull Reproductive Injuries; Surgery of the Beef Cow Dr. Gary Warner, Elgin Veterinary Hospital

2:45-3:15 Break—Visit the Exhibits

3:155:00 Dr. Gary Warner, continued

Tuesday, August 17

8:00-9:45 Genomics and Bovine Practice – Dr. Pat Comyn, Virginia Herd Health Management Services

9:45-10:15 Break—Visit the Exhibits

10:1512:00 Getting the Most Out of Your Taps!  In-Clinic Techniques and Clinical Utility of Cavitary, Joint, and Airway Wash Fluid Analyses for Horses and Ruminants; Where’d All the Red Blood Cells Go? Diagnostic Approaches for Identifying Common Anemias of Ruminants and Horses – Dr. Austin Viall, Iowa State University

12:00 noon Lunch

2:30-5:00 SDSU Animal Disease Research and Diagnostic Laboratory Case Presentations

  • Professional Program Veterinary Medicine (2+2) Overview – Dr. Gary Gackstetter
  • Professional Program Veterinary Medicine (2+2) Academic and Student Programs – Dr. Jessie Juarez
  • VADDS Update – Jon Greseth
  • Listeriosis in Animals and Man – Dr. Larry Holler
  • Wild Carnivores as a reservoir host for canine distemper (CDV) in South Dakota and the northern plains – Dr. Dave Knudsen
  • Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease – Dr. Angela Pillatzki
  • BVDV and Mycoplasma Bovis in Bison – Dr. Angela Pillatzki

Wednesday, August 18

8:00-12:00 Feedlot Medicine and Consulting in the Digital Age – Drs. Eric Behlke and Ryan Rademacher, Feedlot Health Services

Small Animal Program

Monday, August 16

8:0010:00            What’s New in Canine and Feline Chronic Enteropathies; Prebiotic and Probiotic Therapies for GI Disease;  Canine Protein-losing Enteropathy—Diagnosis and Treatment; Clinical Case Studies at the ISU CVM- Dr. Al Jergens, Iowa State University

10:00-10:30          Break– Visit the Exhibits

10:30-12:00          Dr. Al Jergens, continued

12:00 noon Lunch

1:002:45 Open Wound Management; Cutaneous Reconstruction: Tension Relieving Techniques; Cutaneous Reconstruction: Subdermal Plexus Flaps; Interactive Case Presentations – Wounds and Flaps OR Axial Pattern Flaps – Dr. Bryden Stanley, Michigan State University

2:45-3:15 Break—Visit the Exhibits

3:155:00 Dr. Bryden Stanley, continued

Tuesday, August 17

8:0010:00 How Medical Acupuncture Works from a Science-Based Perspective; Integrative Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine—Key Components of a Comprehensive General Practice; Nonsurgical Approaches to Suspected Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injury– a Scientific, Evidence-Based Approach; Nonsurgical Approaches to Intervertebral Disk Disease in Dogs with Scientific Integrative Medicine and Rehabilitation – Dr. Narda Robinson, CuraCore VET

10:00-10:30 Break—Visit the Exhibits

10:30-12:00 Dr. Narda Robinson, continued

12:00 noon Lunch

1:00-2:00 SDVMA Business Meeting – Washington Room

2:00-2:30 Ice cream social hosted by SDSU Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences / Animal Disease Research & Diagnostic Lab

2:305:00 Diagnosis of Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia and Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia – New Perspective on Old Enemies; Suspicious for Lymphoma – Molecular Techniques Helpful for Diagnosing Canine & Feline Lymphoid Neoplasia; Uncommon Endocrinopathies in Dogs & Cats—When It’s Actually the Zebra! – Dr. Austin Viall, Iowa State University

Wednesday, August 18

8:00-10:00 Cannabis: What a Tangled Clinical and Legal Web is Weed; Balancing the Need for FDA Approved Compounded Drugs in Veterinary Medicine – Dr. Dharati Szymanski, AVMA

10-12:00 AVMA’s Guidelines for the Use of Telehealth in Veterinary Practice; Real World Applications. Workflow and Learnings from Human Medicine – Dr. Gail Golab, AVMA