Preceptorship Opportunity – Midwest Veterinary Service in Watertown, SD

Midwest Veterinary Service

Watertown, SD
Position Details

70% herd health, repro, palpation, ultrasound, calving, c-sections, prolapse, etc. 30% small animal vaccinations, diagnosis and treatment, spays, neuters, surgery, dentals, x-rays, laser, hematology, and blood chemistries.

This is an opportunity for a soon-to-be new graduate to get an inside look at our clinic and understand if the work, clients, colleagues, and local life are a good fit for a future associate veterinarian position at our Watertown location.

We have 2 clinics with 3 veterinarians ranging from <1 year to 20+ years of experience and have welcomed several students. We intentionally create an environment that safely facilitates learning by doing.




$250 Stipend

Housing Available

Clinic cover cost for local accommodations.

Kristen Henderson (605) 881-9868 | Email | Website